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100% NECO Gce 2017 Real ( Geography Obj and essay ) Answers Available Here..
Author: Mr. Dan
Posted on: 00:33:26 Wed, 15 Nov 2017


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Geography OBJ:

Depositional plain is formed by the deposition of materials brought by various agents of transportation such as rivers, wind, waves, and glaciers while Erosional plains are plains that have been leveled by various agents of denudation such as running water, rivers, wind and glacier which wear out the rugged surface and smoothens them.

(i) Plains facilitate humans to fulfill their needs of food and shelter.
(ii) The smooth surface of plains makes transportation of goods easy for humans.
(iii) Most of the plains in world have been changed to biggest trade centers of world due to their richness of minerals and raw agricultural materials.
(iv) plains are called the source of human’s needs, civilization and culture. And world’s 80% population live on plains.

(i) It is easily exposed to disasters
(ii) The chances of flood are higher in plains than on mountains
(iii) More diseases are found a plain areas than other areas
(iv) Plants like coffee can't grow on plain; they have a particular kind of soil to grow on - they are prone to natural disasters.


A landslide is the movement of rock, earth, or debris down a sloped section of land.

(i) Abrasion or corrasion - This is when large pieces of bedload material wear away the river banks and bed.
(ii) Attrition - This is when the bed load itself is eroded when sediment particles knock against the bed or each other and break, becoming more rounded and smaller.
(iii) Hydraulic Action - This is when the force of water erodes softer rock.
(iv) Solution or corrosion - This is when acidic water erodes rock.

(i) Slope
- gravity provides the energy to move the materials.
- rapid movements (e.g. landslide, slumping) are commonly found on steep slopes while slow movements (e.g. soil creep) are found on gentle slopes.
(ii) Water:
- rainwater acts as a lubricant to weathered materials.
- rainwater adds weight to weathered materials.
(iii) Rock structure
- joints dipping downslope usually assists landslides, rockfalls, rockslide, rock creep..... etc.
(iv) Vegetation
- lack of vegetation cover to hold the loose particles.


(i) River overflow
(ii) Ice and snow melts
(iii) Strong winds in coastal lands
(iv) Dam breaking

(i) Loss of human life
(ii) Destruction of crops
(iii) Loss of livestock
(iv) Deterioration of health conditions

(i) Planting vegetation to retain extra water
(ii) Construction of floodways
(iii) Terracing hillsides to slow flow downhole

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