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100% NECO 2017 Real ( Obj and Essay Biology ) Answers Available Here..
Author: Mr. Dan
Posted on: 08:21:13 Tue, 18 Jul 2017


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100% NECO 2017 Real ( Obj and Essay Biology ) Answers Available Here..



(Answer only THREE questions)

Homeostasis is the maintenance of a fairly constant internal environment despite the changes in the external environment. Eg Am Amoeba regulates the water content of its protoplasm inorder to keep it at a fairly constant level


-Euglena is regarded as an animal because
(i)It feed on ready-made food
(ii)It does not have a cellulose cell wall but has a plasma membrane

-Euglena is regarded as an plant because
(i)It has a chloroplast
(ii)It can manufacture it's food

Factors that affect transportation are

DRAW (8-10cm long) of the image (eye) given


-Beak: for picking food substances eg grains worms
-Crop: functions as chamber where food is temporarily stored
-Gizzard: connects crop with intestine and for grinding food into small particles by churning action
-Liver: secretes bile, prepares fat, deanimation of proteins etc

-arteries carry blood away from heart except pulmonary artery while veins carry blood to the heart
-arteries carry blood under high pressure while veins carry blood under low pressure
-presence of valves while vein absence of valves
-presence of pulse while vein absence of pulse

-Kidney stones

-they ensure proper environmental sanitation
-they provide drugs / vaccine
-they establish quarantine section
-they render health services to people
-they give health standards


Enzymes are organic catalyst which are usually protenious in nature that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction in a living organism and they remain chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction

Cyclosis is a regular cyclic movement of protoplasm within a cell. It is the circulation of cytoplasm or cell organelles , such as food vacuoles in some protozoans

peristalsis is the involuntary constriction and relaxation of the muscles of the intestine or another canal , creating wavelike movements that push the contents of the canal forward

-Yankari Game Reserve - Bauchi
-Borgu Game Reserve - kano
-Okwangwo Game Reserve - Cross River

I = incisors,C = canines,P = premolars,M = molars
For adult man it is
I:2 / 2,C:1/ 1,P:2/ 2,M:3/ 3
= 16 x 2 = 32

-The outer layer of the fruit is the exocarp while the outer layer of the seed is the testa
-Fruit contain high amounts of moisture while seed contain low amounts of moisture
-Fruit undergoes a ripening process while seed does not undergoes a ripening process
-After fertilization , the ovary convert into Fruit while after fertilization , the ovule convert into seed

-The fluid allows the baby to move around while it is developing . This movement allows for bone and muscle development
-The fluid also helps to keep the fetus nice and warm by keeping heat in . It also helps to keep the temperature consistent
-The fluid offers protection from any blows that may come to the uterus area. It may cushion the blow if the mother falls


Decomposers are organism that break down complex organic molecules in dead plant and animal materials in stage, into simple organic molecules and finally into inorganic substances

Habitat is a kind of place where an organism lives in nature

Mutations is a permanent change in DNA structure that may alter or destroy a given character or give rise to a new character

(i)For tourism
(ii)For source of foreign exchange
(iii)For source of energy


Functions of blood
(i)Transportation of digested food substance
(ii)Transports oxygen
(iii)Transports excretory products
(iv)Distributes heat and equalizes body temperature
(v)destroys bacteria through blood corpuscles


(i)often two parents needed
(ii)Gametes produced
(iii)Offsprings show new variation

(i)only one parent needed
(ii)No gametes
(iii)Offsprings identical


(5ai )
Primary succession is the colonization of new sites by communities of organisms. It often occurs after a devastating event has wiped out the organisms that lived in the area, or with the creation of a new habitat

(5aii )
Primary root is the first root produced by a germinating seed, developing from the radicle of the embryo

(5aiii )
MacroNutrients are environmental substances used for energy, growth, and bodily functions by organisms. Depending on the nutrient, these substances are needed in small amounts or larger amounts

(5bi )
-Airway diseases
-Lung tissue diseases
-Lung circulation diseases

-By Sterlization It destructs pathogens in medical and lab rooms
-By disinfectants but they are not suitable for human skin like phenyl
-By antiseptic They can be used on human skin like iodine
-By use of sanitizers We can use sanitizers like dettol to wash off pathogens from our hand

(5biii )
-It provides basis of evolution
-It helps in maintaining life even in adverse conditions
-It helps the organisms survive in changed climatic conditions

After the seed has made it to a new location and is covered with dirt, it can begin germination. Germination is the process of seeds developing into new plants. First, environmental conditions must trigger the seed to grow. Usually, this is determined by how deep the seed is planted, water availability, and temperature. When water is plentiful, the seed fills with water in a process called imbibition. The water activates special proteins, called enzymes, that begin the process of seed growth. First the seed grows a root to access water underground. Next, the shoots, or growth above ground, begin to appear. The seed sends a shoot towards the surface, where it will grow leaves to harvest energy from the sun


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