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100% WAEC 2017 Fisheries Answers Available Here
Author: adera02
Posted on: 23:51:31 Thu, 23 Mar 2017


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21-31: ADDAA

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(2a) (i)do not transport brood stock in bad water
(ii)do not rough handle brood sock
(iii)disinfect brood stock before allowing them into your hatchery,or brood stock pond

(iv)do not transport brood stock in a crowded condition

(2b) (i)digging out pit
(ii)constructing manual barriers
(iii)disinfecting the water
(iv)getting water supply
(vi)trenching the pond

(2ci) high temperature increases the hotness of water and reduce water oxygen
(2cii) high turbidity reduces the intensity of light getting into the fish pond
(2ciii) low dissolve oxygen causes many defects in fish which include asphyxiation,low food intake

(2d) (i)use of hook and line
(ii)use of scoop net

(3a) (i)Agricultural limestone
(ii)Basic slag
(iii)Laked lime
(iv) Quick lime
(v) Liquid lime (
3bi)FISHING GEAR: Fishing gear is the equipment used by fishermen when fishing. Almost any equipment or gear used for fishing can be called fishing tackle. Some examples are hooks, lines, sinkers, floats, rods, reels, baits, lures, spears, nets, gaffs, traps, waders and tackle boxes.

(3bii)FISHING CRAFT: Fishing crafts are most essential for catching the fish in large scale in water bodies ... a kind of floating raft, such as the ones used along the east coast of India

(4a) Aquaculture is the rearing of aquatic animals or the cultivation of aquatic plants for food in all types of water environments.

(i)The head
(iii)the fins
(iv)Literal line
(v)skin (vi)Gills

(5a) Cannibalism in fish is the act or practices among fishes, eating the fish or internal organs of other fishes

(5aii) (i)by sorting
(ii)proper stocking of fishes

(5b) (i)reducing fish losses through cannibalism;
(ii)improving supplementary feeding efficiency through adequate food ration;
(iii)increasing the accuracy of stock estimates for monitoring

(i) ocean
(ii) river
(iii) streams
(iv) sea
(v) lake

(5di) Latency period is the period between the exposure and infection of disease
(5dii) Gravid fish are female fishes producing eggs

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