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6 Possible Reasons Why People Fail In College
Author: Adera02
Posted on: 11:03:54 Tue, 27 Dec 2016


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Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success. Also for you to attend college at the end you did not get what your intention. Many people attended school to get a good job and help their families, coming to realise that the grade they got is not sufficient to secure a job and they will feel disappointed in life. Few may reason, assuming i learn hand work wouldn’t i get enough for the years i spent in college?
What do you think that causes many to roam on the street without securing a job after graduation? all is failure in life. How you dress your bed, that is how you will lie on it. When you spend time and do anything, you will likely to get a good outcome.

Education is just like farming, if you plant bad seed you wouldn’t get any fruits during harvesting period. Once you plant a good seed, you will enjoy in future. Also, for you to plant a good seed you must work hard to make sure you will get your heart desire. Education is how you put your effort that will result you in a good grade. After getting a good grade, you will forget about stress, and all others that you face in the hands of lectures. Once you have good grade you can do anything in life and you will be proud of your self.

No one gone to school to fail, but failure comes when you become tired in your academy activities. There are so many reasons why people fail in college but I’m going to deliberate on the important once.

6 Possible Reasons Why People Fail In College

1. Friends That You Associate With: Before now, you already know that friends can make you to fail in school. The reason is that, if you walk with bad friends, you will likely to be like them. Getting to college new, you have to know people that you associate with so that, they will not lead you into a wrong path. Observation is important in life because it will makes you to think and research before taking decision. Observe who you will like to be you friend, and also check who he/she is walking with too. when you know more about the person and see a
good reason why you should make the person your friend, then you are good to go. Note that, your friends should be brilliant so that you can achieve your goal in academic environment. You friends will help you in what you don’t know, get close to a good friend so that carry over wouldn’t be your portion.

2. Playing While Lecture Is On: A key to success in life is education. How do you handle this key? can you keep your own key in a place that is not good? No, then why are you playing with your studies? Many student fail because of play, while lecture is going on you will find your self pressing a cell phone, staring outside, causing distraction, cracking fun in the lecture hall. At the end, you wouldn’t gain anything. How do you expect to pass during examination. Many lecturers set questions from what the lecture in the hall not what is in the text book, if you don’t pay attention how do you want to make a good grades. Sit up and challenge your self, the purpose for you in school is to acquire knowledge, therefore, you should never play with your academic work.

3. Review/Revise: Education is fun when you know it. Knowledge is not acquire in a single day, or it is in a dream. No body is the hierarchy of knowledge, you learn everyday. You only stop learning once you past away on earth. Students fail because they don’t create time to review and revise what the lecturer said in class. When they return from school, many will go to the pop to have fun getting home late and feel tire to go through their lecture note. The next day, just like that. When it is one week to examination, you will see them reading, right now, what are you going to gain from the whole semester. Is just like fun, and prediction for failure is 100% sure. If you want to overcome failure, always review/revise your lecture note when you return from school.

4. Background Situation: A lot of students in our locality suffer from this because they don’t have sponsor in school, they sponsor them selves in school. In this situation, many will think, returning from school, they will think how to go out to sell and also eat so that they will survive through out their academic life. Quote me right that, no situation is permanent, you make a good step to plan for your life. Trust me, for you to make a move, you are better than some people in your community. But that should not be the cause of your failure. I’m going to give you important hint on what to do. While going to your enterprise to sell, go along with your book, when they is no customers, open it and read, scan through it. Also get a pdf of your lecture note online, download it into your phone anything you get confuse, open it. By so doing you will go out with a flying colours.

5. Remembrance: Some students suffer this, it is not their will to forget what their learnt but nothing they can do. This can bring about failure because during examination they hardly recall what they read. If you have such memory/brain, the only way out is to read regularly, read on daily basis, read without session. ask questions and also try and interpret the answers in your dialect, put it in activities you likely do. If you do this, you cannot forget it during examination. Go close to your councillor for advice, tell him/her what is your problem and you will overcome failure.

6. Staying Away From Library: This is the most important place in the life of a successful student. Getting to know your library is the beginning of your success. A lot of students stay away from library, right now, tell me how you will pass your examination. Make research in the library. Do you wonder why definition of your lecturers different from the one of ths text book even though is the same text book they are using? the secret is that, the combine many text books, they compare the write top and bring out their own definition with the same keywords. Now, you can be like them only if you can visit the library, get two or three textbooks, check for definitions. After that, put it on your own. Trust me that you wouldn’t fail. Library is the mother of knowledge in academic environment.

How do you feel when you see richest men. Do you care to do research and know what they past through to become who they are? Is only when you sit top that you will be like them. Study your books and determine to become what you wish your self. Determination is the driver of success, without determination they will be no successful man. You can only reach your destination if and only if you will determine to bear the risk. You can rule others only when you know better than them, that is the power of education. Make it at once or you fail it. Note when you fail it limit the time you suppose to achieve you needs.

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What a joy to find such clear thgnniki. Thanks for posting!


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