Ceebookanswers - [Comfirmed!! :] Low Innovative Mentality From Our Nigerian Graduate Is The Main Cause Of Unemployment In Our Country [Nigeria


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[Comfirmed!! :] Low Innovative Mentality From Our Nigerian Graduate Is The Main Cause Of Unemployment In Our Country [Nigeria
Author: Adera02
Posted on: 21:40:25 Fri, 16 Dec 2016


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As an undergraduate or a graduate, You'll do yourself good to read this.

Starting 5 Years ago, I started
seeing employment as an
imprisonment. I made up my mind that I will never study to come out and roam about in search of a job. Since then, I started building myself to be the CEO of my life, to be innovative, and to build my brand.

What is killing most Nigerian
graduates is that they study to get a job. They don't study to be
sensible and innovative. They
don't study to be innovative and

How would someone who claims
to be educated and with a degree come out of the college to depend on what others founded? What sort of parasitism is that?

Is that what education is all about? Studying to depend on what others invented? What if they didn't invent it?

We have unthinking graduates.
They are too comfortable, they
don't want a little inconvenience,
cos that's the beginning of innovation and creativity. That's
why the government detect how their lives become.

They don't eat if they haven't been paid, they can't do anything without getting their salary, such slavery.

So their life without salary is a
miserable one.

Every man is born an
entrepreneur. Every man was born an inventor. We all have
companies and factories in us. Stop being comfortable with people's invention. Invent yours.

The jobs you are running up and
down in search of, was created by a human like you. Why should a graduate not have a life apart what others have made available?

That's why we have a lot of
businessmen who didn't go to
school making it better than some graduates. In fact, sadly some graduates come out to work for those who didn't go to school. Tragedy.

I don't mean to say that working
under a person is wrong, but work for the reason of breaking
off to start your vision. Work to develop yourself to be independent. Don't work to continuing working. No company can pay you your true worth, even if its 1 million dollars a day. The resources embedded in you can give you wealth that cannot be quantified. But there's a level of wealth you can never acquire as an employee.

Do you know why we've have little or no job opportunities?
Cos people looking for jobs are far more plenty than companies and industries..

Nigeria needs more companies,
firms and industries than they
need more graduates!!!

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Hot damn, lonikog pretty useful buddy.


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