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100% Reall Nabteb Gce 2016 ENGLISH LANGUGAE (Obj & Essay) Answers Available Here...
Author: Adera02
Posted on: 05:42:56 Mon, 05 Dec 2016


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English Obj


11 - 20 : DACADADCBB

21 - 30 : CDDBCBABCB

31 - 40 : ACBBACAAAC

41 - 50 : ACDCBADAAB

51 - 60 : BACBACBABB

61 - 70 : ACABDADBAB

71 - 80 : ADCBCABACA

81 - 90 : CACBBBBCDB

91 - 100 : ACDABBCBEB


(1) You have been invited to participate in a debate organised by your club. Write out your contribution either for against the motion participation of the physically challenge in government should be encouraged

(2) The development councile of your town is interested in the expansion programme of the only techenical school in the town as the secretary. Write a letter to the committional of edication informing him of your councile plan and how it intend to implement it programme d of aids to the school.

(3) The increasing rate of terrorist activities in the country call for serious concern. Write your views on how the situation can be brought under control.

(4) Your department has just completed a project as part of the terminal examination. As teacher of the group, write a report of the activities and finding during the excercise.

for the sake of the manure they yield
5 b)
the herd -owner is the head of the
family; his sons serve as the heardmen ;
his wife or wives has the right to milk
the cow , while the daughters assist in
the preparation and marketing.
5 c)
- cattle- tending
- Cattle- calls
5 d)
it is used to introduce ' fulani
language ' to mean the same as
' fulfulde '
5 e)
i ) adverbial clause
ii ) it modifies the verb ' done '
5 f )
i ) yield - produce, generate, bear
ii ) principally - mainly, primarily, mostly
iii ) dietary -
nutrutive, nutritional, dietetic, eating
iv ) approach- advance , coming
v ) synonymous- the same , identical , equal
6 a)
the duties of the school to the child
are :
- to help children to be able to
evaluate news and apply the knowledge
gained intellectually
- to change the lives of the individual
child and help him for an integrated
and consistent self .
6 b)
the reasons why the job of the
teacher is not an easy one are : -
- the pace of change of life has
changed the educational needs of the
- facing the danger of creating
competition between the school and
- modifying his own values in order to
be able to socialise the children for

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