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100% NABTEB GCE 2015 Biology Practical Answers Available Here
Author: Adera02
Posted on: 22:50:16 Mon, 16 Nov 2015


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I-Marginal placentation
II-Parietal placentation

(b)-Contractile vacoule

An allele is an alternative form of agene
(one member of a pair)that is located at a specific position on a specific

(a)-Flame cell


competition is defined as the process by which living organisms in a habitat
struggles or compete with one another for limited essential needs in the

I-By afforestation
II-By crop rotation


Deoxyribonucleic aci (DNA)

I-Finger prints
II-Blood grouping


(a)Jean Lamarck
(b)Charles darwin

This is because virus can reproduce when presented in another living cell


Excretion is defined as a process by which waste products of metabolism are
removed from the body of a living things

Simple microscope

(a)-Eyepiece lens
(c)-Revolving nose piece
(d)-Objective lens
(i)-Coarse focus
(j)-Fine focus

(a)-The observer look through the lens
(j)-It helps to converge the image
(h)-It supports the tube and connects it to
the base

-Plant cells store lipid as oil while animal cell store lipid as fat
-Plant cell has large vacoule while animal
cell has small vacoule

-Plant growth is faster than animal growth,where animal growth is small
-Plant growth takes place at the shoot or bud while animal growth is through the entire body


Pollen grain

V-Nucleus VI-Ovum

-The rigid framework of the skeleton gives support to the body
-The skeleton protects important and
delicate organs of the body

I-Axial skeleton
II-Appendicular skeleton



(i) Adrenalin->It prepares the body for
emergency->It leads to low blood pressure->It increases excitement and
over anxiety
(ii) Thyroxine->It regulates the rate of metabolism especially respiration->It leads to sluggishness->It leads to loss of weight
(iii) Insulin->It maintains blood sugar
level->It causes diabetes mellitus->It leads
to incessant hunger

-Aquatic habitat->Fish,toads
-Terrestial habitat->Lizards

Algae->Fern->Mosses->Flowering plants

This is an emergency care or treatment given to an ill or injured person before
regular medical aid can be obtained

Structure of the kidney

II-Renal artery
III-Renal vein
VI-Apex pyramid


III-It helps to transport the blood away from the kidney
IV-It helps to discharge urine out of the body



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