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100% NECO 2015 PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE Answers Available Here
Author: Mr. Dan
Posted on: 08:26:21 Tue, 09 Jun 2015


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A - Mango drag
B - Rake
C - Gunter's chain
D - Electric bulb
E - Egg candler

B- It is used for trilling and cultivating.

C - It is used in taking short or long distanced measurement of length and breath.

D- It maintain the right temperature during incubation.

(i)Timely and regular turning of egg.
(ii)Setting egg uniformly on the tray.

(i) Keep it in a dry and cool place.
(ii) It must be clean after use.

F = Igneous rock
G = Sedimentary rock
H = Metamorphic rock

Specimens F
(i) They are resistant to erosion and other element of climate.
(ii)They are usually very hard and imperious.

Specimens G
(i) They contain fossils of plants and animals.
(ii) They occur in layers or strata or sheets.

Specimens H
(i) They exist in different color and texture.
(ii) They are non-crystalline in structure.

(i) Construction purpose.
(ii) Sources of plant nutients.
(iii) Formation of soil.
(iv) Erosion control

Sedimentary rocks are formed from sediments deposited either by water, by wind or by ice.
These sediments are accumulated in layers or strata, are on top of the other and after a long period of time, they become hardened by compression to form sedimentary rocks.

I = Cowpea
J = Rice grain
K = Bannana fruit

Specimens I
(i) Nematode disease
(ii) Damping off disease

Specimens J
(i) Rice smut
(ii) Rice blight

Specimens K
(i) Bunchy top disease
(ii) Panama disease

Specimens I
(ii) Bean bettle (callesobruches spp)

Specimens J
(i) Birds
(ii) Rodents

(i) Use poison baits
(ii) Harvest ripe fruit early

L= Goat's skin
M= Poultry egg
N= Tick
O = Blood meal

(i) It protect the livestock against internal bleeding.

(ii) It acts as sources of protection to livestock.

(i) It serves as sources of protein to man.
(ii) It also serves as a prayer materials

(i) Protein

(i) It is used in the production of adhesives.
(ii) Egg shell is a source of calcium in poultry feed or animal feed.

(i) They cause great annoyance and irritation to their host.
(ii) Injuries from their bites may become ulcerated wounds.
(iii) The loss of blood may lead to loss of weight and death of host animal.

(i) It is very high in protein content with a bit of minerals.


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